Our AGENC Story

Launched in 2001 as Caravents Inc. Event Production & Design by CEO and Founder Cara Kleinhaut, the company produced and designed award winning, high profile, live events, product launches, award shows and conferences for major brands such as Target, Vanity Fair, Dior, L'Oreal, ELLE, AOL and Samsung. Recognized as one of the industry's premiere event production & design firms, Caravents went on to garner industry recognition and honors from International Special Event Society, Bizbash, The Special Event Awards,The Stevie Awards and Event Solutions Awards.

Starting in 2013, Caravents pioneered how to design powerful live environments specifically to spark social sharing, what they call #DesignForDigital, and delivered large scale digital footprints from their live events.  In 2015 saw their launch of their digital division and their growth began as they created a network of talented, digital influencers and content creators, who speak in authentic voices to highly engaged, loyal audiences with stunning imagery, daily.
Caravents expanded their services, curating compelling digital stories, engaging with your brand's audience, every day.

And now with the launch of AGENC, the company has evolved into your agency of choice to tell your brand's integrated story, Experientially and Digitally, breaking through the noise, creating new enthusiasts.